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Mention rodeo's and you think of cowboys, bull riding and bucking bronc's! Today's rodeo is a modern link to the cowboys of the past and our western heritage. The KSA Rodeo takes place at the Kissimmee Sports Arena on Friday nights 3 times per month in the Spring and Summer, twice per month the rest of the year, rain or shine, at 8.00pm. Riders and ropers come from all over the south-eastern United States. Come early to grab the best seats, and enjoy a steak dinner before the show.

Florida may not be what you think of when you think of cowboys and the rodeo. Florida cowboys were here long before there were any theme parks. Florida's cowboys of the day were more accurately called 'Cow-hunters'. Because of the unique terrain and underbrush, these cow-hunters had to be skilled in many areas of roping and handling cattle that roamed almost wild in the thick palmettos of our area. The Cow-hunters would actually need to go in and flush out the cattle in order to take them to the market. Not a very easy task considering that they were in a swampy area with alligators and snakes!

The rodeo started as a competition between ranch hands whose job it was to break in the new horses and cattle. At Kissimmee Sports Arena we celebrate the heritage of the skills it took to survive in the early days of our nation. Not only will you have a chance to enjoy our exciting events, but you may learn a thing or two about life in the early days of Florida.

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